About Quest Marketing

We listen to you and develop a successful and profitable program customized to meet your unique business needs.

Companies of all sizes are intrigued by the idea of telemarketing and specifically lead generation. They have either wanted to try or have tried outbound calling to generate new opportunities but have learned rather quickly they either don't have the support, time, talent or necessary resources to launch a successful pilot or an on going program.

The search for a partner company that provides the services they need begins but they aren't quite sure.

WE at Quest Marketing, Inc. have opened the doors for such companies and have over the years provided telemarketing and lead generation to a diverse list of industries. Business-to-business telemarketing is an art that we've honed and perfected over the years. It sounds quite simple, but what we do in a nut shell is listen to the goals and objectives of our client and based on their need develop a custom program. WE acquire together a highly targeted prospective list of companies in targeted markets and talk to the decision maker about products or services on behalf of our client. We remain transparent through the entire process.

Talk to us and let our 30 plus years of business-to-business telemarketing experience work for you.

Here's what our clients have to say:

"At the start, we searched for a company that would do this type of telemarketing for small companies. The search wasn’t easy – until we found Quest. Since then we have seen nothing but positive attitudes, positive results and an exceptional level of professionalism. Throughout our ten years in business, we experimented with a wide range of marketing methods but didn’t find any that were as measurably successful as the use of business-to-business telemarketing through Quest Marketing, Inc."

"I was impressed with their knowledge of the industry, and typically it takes three to six months to train an individual to talk technically with our customers. Quest is extremely resourceful. Because of this we did not have to spend much time going over capabilities, products and services. Quest jumped in with both feet and got the ball rolling. Let me be the first to say that cold lead generation is truly a unique talent. My representative’s pleasant personality made it easy for people to open up and share information that is vital to account development."

"The telemarketing services, provided by Quest, are an integral part of our renewal and rejoin efforts of the membership-marketing program and have been for the past 11+ years. We depend on their results for several hundred renewing and rejoining members per month. They do more than just sales via phone; they build relationships with our past and renewing members that are essential to an individual membership association. The Quest team understands that necessity and has worked hard to learn all about our membership programs benefits and services. They even volunteer regularly for us at our annual convention - that's above and beyond a "normal" telemarketing firm and that's why we value our partnership with Quest."

"Because of the high comfort we have with Quest, we have asked them to do some phone surveying and applicable qualitative research for us. We have been very pleased with their professional approach to these projects as well as their efficient turnaround."

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